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Background and Nursing of Endoscopic Instruments

Jun. 10, 2021
Author: 常州洛克曼医疗器械有限公司 From: 常州洛克曼医疗器械有限公司 Modify: Jun,10,2021

Endoscopy Equipment have played a key role in the advancement of endoscopic surgery. From minimally invasive surgery to other less risky exploratory medical and technical procedures, we have been at the forefront of the endoscopic revolution for the past 40 years. Over time, the list of available endoscopic instruments has expanded to benefit both the profession and the patient.

Endoscopic Devices - Background

There is a wide variety of endoscopic instruments that professionals need to perform successful procedures-from arthroscopic surgery and laparoscopic procedures to colonoscopic procedures and many others. These devices enable doctors and technicians to take tissue samples from the body and perform certain endoscopic procedures such as bone and tissue preparation and suture management.

Endoscopic Instruments

Endoscopic Instruments

In today's endoscopy market, a long list of Endoscopic Instruments all serve a specific purpose: each device is designed and customized to meet the unique specifications of a particular type of endoscopy. Some devices are designed for rigid endoscopy, while others are made with the use of flexible endoscopes in mind.

Endoscopic instruments are not only critical to the success of each procedure, but they also provide direct benefits to the patient. The benefits include minimal scarring, shorter hospital stays and less chance of infection.

Endoscopic devices include:

Biopsy forceps

Cannula sleeve

Tissue scissors and cutters

Turning needles

Cleaning brushes


Tissue stapler

Ligation equipment

Suture systems

Endoscopic instruments need care:

All endoscopic instruments require proper care and cleaning. Proper maintenance not only improves the overall efficiency and longevity of each instrument, but also allows you to save money on replacement or repair costs. Again, it helps your business while providing additional benefits to those patients who require endoscopic procedures.

Three important tips for proper care of endoscopic equipment:

Disassemble and clean rigorously - remove organic matter and residual debris

Use a soft toothbrush or brush - Avoid using abrasive materials

Lubricate all moving parts - After cleaning, lubricate repaired equipment before reassembly

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